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How to Evaluate your Business to Gain Clarity ?



Avdoian, Richard

Richard J. Avdoian, CSP is founder/CEO of the Midwest Business Institute, Inc., a business consulting and coaching firm located in Metro St. Louis.  

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How to Evaluate your Business to Gain Clarity



Strong limbs allow your business to grow

Before moving your business to the next level, you may want to first invest some time and energy doing a thorough internal maintenance check. A business, like a tree, relies heavily on its roots as the foundation on which it is built.

To further enhance a tree’s stability and assure the growth of new vibrant colored leaves and limbs, it is necessary to provide maintenance, like pruning, fertilizing, or grafting.

When a business minimizes the importance of internal maintenance or neglects to provide it, leafs begin to wilt (employee morale and energy declines), leafs may fall (employees get injured) there may be longer periods of dormancy (employees become stagnate), limbs grow wildly (there is no business vision or plan of action), limbs die (aspects of the business do not produce), and loss of limbs can occur (key productive employees leave).

Is your business in need of pruning of dead limbs, fertilizing to stimulate new growth, or grafting of new ideas and products? Take the necessary time to periodically review and revise your position/mission statement, business plan, and goals to keep your business vibrant and growing to assure your continued success.


Be Realistic about your business and maintain clarity

For your business to continue to grow and be outstanding, you need to acknowledge blocks and obstacles, increase efficiency, and keep focused on those things the company does well. Be cautious not to allow your enthusiasm to blind you, exceed ability and resources and derail you from being productive and profitable.

Have you been blinded or do you see things the way they are or the way you wish they were? Join many companies who have committed to taking their businesses to the next level by offering management team retreats, employee development training programs and business coaching.

Business coaching and peer view boards teach business owners to set themselves free from their set ways of thinking. Business owners who recognize what they don’t know are prepared to invest the funds and time to learn from others how to resolve business issues, stay current with business trends, enhance their business smarts and share their expertise with others with the mutual desire to be more productive and profitable.

The longer you remain stuck in your ways and relive your misfortunes, the more power they have to harm you. Business owners and CEOs do not receive enough candid feedback to ensure their continued professional and personal growth. Either feedback doesn’t exist, or others tell them what they want to hear, instead of what they need to know. The alternative to this approach is Coaching, a customized approach that honors the business owner’s individuality (strengths, talents, vision, etc.).

Coaching is a proven, effective process that helps business owners and CEOs who wants to move to the next level of success.

Why is it that some business owners thrive while so many others are left standing still? Why is it that some are so resilient and are able to persevere while others slip backward? They learn quickly if you “Ask, you shall receive what your business needs”.

The difference can be summed up in six words: “They ask for what they need.” These business owners are not afraid to learn new effective work practices; enhance their skills; and create dynamic, motivated and effective teams. They are confident in their knowledge and expertise, yet they recognize their limitations.

Successful owners and CEOs motivate themselves, raise the bar and, most important, know how to retain highly effective employees. Startup business owners in particular recognize that keeping top performers is critical to establishing the foundation necessary to grow and succeed. Employee turnover is expensive and extremely time-consuming, which directly affects team morale, customer service and profit.

If business owners plan to thrive, they should make the following practices part of their business’s culture:
• Develop a thorough business plan and review/revise frequently.
• Have a well-written business mission and vision statements.
• Evaluate and know your niche market(s) and ideal client(s) and market accordingly.
• Develop a structured orientation program with a team-welcoming rally.
• Define the specific components (DNA) of your business:
• Be sure all facets of the business are in line with the DNA.
• Select employees who fit well with the business DNA (image).
• Create a team logo or mascot that will be used for internal and external communications and public relations materials.
• Create mentor programs.
• Encourage and recognize employees who tap their skills and talents to stretch beyond the scope of their specific job description when appropriate.
• Support ongoing professional development opportunities.
• Establish clearly defined job descriptions and standards by which staff will be appraised.
• Implement routinely scheduled employee performance reviews and use them to mentor personal and professional growth.
• Maintain continual interactive communication with employees.
• Take time to get to know employees and learn about their special interests, talents, abilities, skills, and aspirations.
• Acknowledge special initiatives or accomplishments in the presence of co-workers. Do not underestimate the value of recognition and even a simple thank-you.
• Personally attend seminars and workshops focusing on enhancing your leadership skills, stay current with advancements in your industry.
• Be truthful to yourself – know what you know and seek professional services or hire professionals to advise you or assume the responsibility for what you don’t know well.
• Read, read and read business-related books and periodicals – create a company library and encourage employees to check out books and periodicals

The key to a thriving business is the owner and employees’ continual learning; exploration and development of new programs and services; exceptional customer service; and the ability to keep employees so actively engaged in their jobs – and aligned with the business’s mission and goals – that they have no desire to seek greener pastures.



More about Richard Avdoian

When the skills of a speaker, coach, and consultant are combined with over three decades of behavioral medicine experience and real life, firsthand business experience into one dynamic person, you have Richard Avdoian.

He works with corporations, businesses, and associations committed to recruiting, training, and retaining highly motivated productive employees.  He works with individuals to complete an internal personal audit to recognize and own their strengths, weaknesses, and fears to establish a positive naked confidence in their abilities which elevates engagement, creative thinking and increased productivity.  He believes that personal development is the single most competitive advantage any organization can have in today’s competitive workplace.

He is a nationally recognized speaker who offers keynote speeches, seminars & workshops that focus on enhancing human assets to increase productivity and profitability with the key being maximizing personal capabilities.

In July, 2003 he received the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (C.S.P.) from the National Speakers Association and International Federation for Professional Speakers, the highest earned level of excellence attainable in the industry and a distinction representing the top 10 percent of all members of the profession.

Richard has been a frequent guest on local business radio stations. His column “Smart Business” appears in the St. Louis Small Business Monthly Magazine. He authored numerous articles and has been a contributing author to countless publications throughout his career.

Clients include: United States Postal Services, American Bankers Association, Corning Glass Company, Illinois Innovators and Inventors, Peabody Coal Company, Associated General Contractors of America, Monsanto, Illinois City Management Association, United Meat Cutters Union, United States Air Force and Meeting Professionals International. Richard Avdoian is an absolute expert in How to Evaluate your business.

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Richard J. Avdoian, CSP is founder/CEO of the Midwest Business Institute, Inc., a business consulting and coaching firm located in Metro St. Louis. Richard can be reached at

December 13, 2017