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How to Find Top Interns, Using Half The Resources

How to Find Top Interns, Using Half The Resources

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As employers and corporate recruiters know, interns play a valuable role in the growth of any company, having a positive impact on a company’s performance. Summer interns often fill in short staffed vacation gaps while completing research and project work, whereas fall and spring interns help greatly during the holiday and busy season working for six (6) or more months on projects.

Having an internship program is an investment in knowledge transfer and business continuity, as many large and small companies understand by looking to their intern pool for entry-level hiring needs.

As company leaders monitor the high cost of recruiting and training, they quickly come to realize the value in an efficient early career talent acquisition process ensuring a positive return on investment (ROI) to their program. Recruit once, hire twice – it’s a win-win!

Finding a good intern is pretty much like finding a needle in a haystack, if you retain antiquated recruiting strategies. With Internships being a big business, small companies cannot compete utilizing the high cost strategies of Fortune 500 companies, and large companies using outmoded strategies spin their wheels with little success in finding the top interns to grow their company culture.

These overrated and under-producing methods may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Posting jobs on ineffective Job Boards or Job Aggregators that require intensive time and effort. Millennials and Gen Z students don’t want to search only to end up in the infamous “black hole”.
  • Arbitrarily interviewing on or off campus without first screening applicants to ensure basic and preferred job requirements have been met. Screening manually or with an applicant tracking system (ATS) is labor intensive.
  • Attending general career fairs in the community and on campus where most of the paper resumes you collect are not the skill set you’re seeking nor do they meet your online applicant tracking rules, hence requiring follow up steps.
  • Investing in expensive marketing materials and booth displays, when YouTube, PowerPoint, and $25 worth of snacks for your audience will do.

Even some Fortune 500 companies have trim early career talent acquisition staffs – a department of two (2) or less recruiters with a small budget. As massive reorganizations and downsizings continue to be imminent, companies have to be ever cognizant of where their resources – people and money – are spent.

It never makes good sense to cut an internship or apprenticeship program, even in a restructuring environment. Companies’ eventually remove skills that are no longer primary, but are always bringing new skills in to meet their workforce planning goals.

Keep it simple and only include the need to have, not nice to have, components of your program. Include the following:

  • Post Jobs on InternAlliance, a social recruiting platform built for lean organizations.  Job posting requirements will be directly matched to all student skills in your area with only those 100% qualified showing in your inbox. Track and share with hiring managers, and view reports showing the ROI.
  • Link your InternAlliance postings on all your company social media channels and ask employees to repost. If you still want to visit campus, narrow your focus by utilizing the InternAlliance Intern-Employer Bridge to view and sponsor professional student group events. Pay for the meeting snacks and network!
  • Fortify Hiring Manager Training in interviewing, onboarding, and situational leadership practices to ensure standardization across the company.  Phone and video interviewing will save money and are very effective.

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Danielle Gruppo, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of InternAlliance

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Danielle Gruppo, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of InternAlliance, a unique online service that connects qualified college students to viable internship opportunities. She is an accomplished human resources executive with over 25 years of experience developing and executing talent management and human capital strategies for Fortune 250 and privately held companies in energy, healthcare, services, and manufacturing.

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