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Click Tracker Analytics Tool

Shorten URL's, Track User Demographics, Geolocation Analytics and Click Counts

Click Tracker

Our Powerful System Can

  • Shorten URL’s

  • Track Your Clicks

  • Setup Redirects

  • Provides Analytics and Demograpic Data

Key Features Of Our Click Tracker

  • URL Shortener

    Got one of those long and ugly URL ? No problem, with our system you can shorten any URL, just selected your preferred short domain then paste in your long URL and hit shorten. Done.

  • Geotargeting System

    In order to increase landing page optimization via analytics, split tests and differing marketing calls to action geotargeting can enhance the user experience. With our Geotargeting system users can choose to redirect visitors to a different page using their Geomarketing or Geolocation Services location.

  • Click Tracker

    Get all the important website link insights that matter the most with our Click Tracker Analytics tool. Our system allows you to track your total clicks (click tracking) to your link or landing page providing you daily statistical data on clicks per day and other important marketing analytics to help you optimize your website or lead capture pages.

  • Demographic Data

    Being able to use Geolocation analytics, to determine location of where your clicks are coming from is extremely important when trying to gain sales conversions while marketing online. Knowing which countries are receiving the best clicks will help you to target the correct user profile, marketing strategy and to narrow down scale.

  • Create Splash Pages

    You can create custom splash pages where you can add a banner and an avatar along with a message to represent your brand or company. Our system will automatically create splash pages for media URL’s i.e Youtube, Dailymotion etc.

  • Bookmarklet Tool

    Instantaneously shorten any site you are currently viewing and if you are logged in on our site, it will be automatically saved to your account for future access. Simply drag the following link to your bookmarks bar or copy the link and manually add it to your favorites.

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