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business new year resolutions

A New Year’s Resolution For Your Business

16 Dec, 2018

A New Year’s Resolution For Your Business by Carey Rome: Before you know it, the gluttony of the holiday season will be over, and it will be time for the ritualistic “New Year’s Resolution.”   A time when you think about a better you, a more productive you, and dare …

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Who Should Write a Book

Three Types of Business People Who Need to Write a Book

24 Sep, 2018

Three Types of Business People Who Need to Write a Book By Best Selling Author Alinka Rutkowka There’s no better business card for a professional than a book. Why? Because a book is the ultimate proof that you’re an expert, that you’re an authority and that you have deep expertise people …

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Find Top Interns

How to Find Top Interns, Using Half The Resources

20 Jun, 2018

How to Find Top Interns, Using Half The Resources As employers and corporate recruiters know, interns play a valuable role in the growth of any company, having a positive impact on a company’s performance. Summer interns often fill in short staffed vacation gaps while completing research and project work, whereas …

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Anthony Bird combo

Take Ownership of Micro-Culture or Macro Trends Will Create Irreversible Harm

05 Feb, 2018

By: Anthony Bird – Independent Certified John Maxwell Coach Own Micro-Culture, or Macro Trends Will Destroy Your Organization! I did a search today for the news stories and the term “Job Cuts.” The results spread across more than 15 pages of links, the first four pages of which were all stories from the …

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14 Diagrams That Just May Solve All Your Problems

30 Dec, 2017

  Kevin Duncan is a business adviser, marketing expert, and the author of several successful business books, including The Diagrams Book and The Excellence Book. He previously worked in the communications and advertising sector for twenty-five years.     14 Diagrams That Just May Solve All Your Problems VISUAL THINKING: THE …

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LinkedIn page image

Top 25 Ways to Optimize and Promote Your LinkedIn Profile !

13 Dec, 2017

Top 25 Ways to Optimize and Promote Your LinkedIn Profile!   LinkedIn has changed a great deal since its inception in 2002, especially with the rising influence of personal branding and brand storytelling in our digital world. With over 467 million users, LinkedIn is a powerful tool when it comes …

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Evaluate Your Business

How to Evaluate your Business to Gain Clarity ?

13 Dec, 2017

    Richard J. Avdoian, CSP is founder/CEO of the Midwest Business Institute, Inc., a business consulting and coaching firm located in Metro St. Louis.   Book Richard Avdoian to speak at your next corporate event!  How to Evaluate your Business to Gain Clarity     Strong limbs allow your business …

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war on china's wallet title only

Insights into The War for China’s Wallet

11 Dec, 2017

Insight into Chinese Business Looking at Chinese-led initiatives such as One Belt One Road (OBOR) as well as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) combine this with uncertainty due to United States shifts in policy and apparent commitments over the past decade, the stakes are very high for companies looking …

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Erik Korsvik Book

How Does the Modern Leader Set Goals and Measure Success?

26 Nov, 2017

How does the modern leader set goals and measure success? By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, founder, Bloch&Østergaard  Author of The Responsive Leader    Several executive leaders have begun to complement their performance management KPIs with impact accounting, that is, goals for their social capital and value creation. Why – and how …

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Alex Genadinik do not be cheated

How to not get Cheated Online when Buying or Hiring for your Business?

25 Nov, 2017

How to not get cheated online when buying or hiring for your business Alex Genadinik – Author and Business Coach   If you plan to do business online, you will need to buy everything from freelancing services to website hosting to coaching to various physical or digital products. There is …

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