Author and Speaker Annie Meehan Shares Her Thoughts on Adaptability, Commitment and Reaching | Marketing and Networking University

Author and Speaker Annie Meehan Shares Her Thoughts on Adaptability, Commitment and Reaching

Annie’s Thoughts on Adaptability, Commitment and Reaching




Life happens even when we have everything planned and prepared. Last month I was excited to speak at a speaker showcase. Of course it happened to be on the snowiest night of the year.

I wanted to be well prepared, so I went the day before and stayed over night. I woke up in the dark, took a deep breathe, said a prayer, and thought “practice what you preach…here goes”. I went down four flights of stairs, no make-up, no hair style, and thought “here goes nothing”.

It was interesting to watch a number of committed speakers arrive, some calm and some a bit more excited (especially when they had to drive in the snow) only to find out there was no power in the building and the whole event would end up being cancelled. Life happens no matter how planned & prepared we are!





How does one stay committed in the face of adversity? It is so easy for me to get discouraged. I am confident and positive, but even so, rejection is hard. None of us like it.

I think when you are done presenting, you want everyone to love you and to have learned one new idea. Occasionally it does not turn out that way. A peer was sharing with me recently how after her presentation, she asked for evaluations, and some were very negative. I think that people who feel the need to complain, or be insulting, often have a challenge going on in their own life. I believe no rejection feels good, whether it comes from family, friends or acquaintances.

I recently watched the movie Philomena. All that Philomena wanted was to know that her life mattered and that her giving life mattered. I think when we are challenged in our career, our fitness goals, or our relationships, we have to dig deep to stay committed. For Philomena, her “WHY” was big enough to keep going, even when it was difficult and painful. I think we all have to stay committed to the “WHY” regardless of what others say.

My peer also had a women at the end of that same presentation say her speech changed and maybe even saved her life. Making a difference in ONE person’s life is why so many coach, speak, and teach. I am always looking for just ONE person to touch, impact or change at each presentation I give. When you work out, eat healthy, and the scale still doesn’t change, how do we stay committed, we remember the “WHY”…. how it feels to not be on meds, to have energy, go for a walk, or play with the kids.

Many people will tell you being committed is about being 80% in, I think it is about being 80% in and then taking one more step forward.





In my “Ride” speech I share with you the importance of setting challenging goals and doing something that forces you to reach out of your comfort zone. My bike ride from Minneapolis to Chicago was that for me.

I have signed up for three 5k’s this summer. For some of you this might seem like not a big deal, but running beyond a block is a challenge for me. I have completed a number of 5k’s in the past, but I have walked most of them. Having allergies and exercised induced asthma, my breathing can scare the person next to me! I would, however, really like to jog at least one whole race and finish in less than 40 minutes. To help me with this, I hired a running coach this week. We will meet once a week to train, learn preparation techniques, and learn how to warm up and stretch after.

I encourage you to commit to a challenge this summer, Whether it’s a 3-day walk, a bike ride, a run, or a rollerblading challenge. I love when people get in shape and give back at the same time for a great cause. Events like the Twin Cities Heart Walk in May each year is one way to do this. Search online for other events with a cause that stirs your heart.



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March 19, 2017