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Bridge the Leadership Gap to Complete Your Goals

Only Leadership Can Help You Put the Pieces in Place to Reach Your Goals

Statistics show that 95% of people want to be part of something special, something GREAT. Yet Gallup’s recent poll shows that 72% of the workforce is disengaged, literally “sleepwalking” through work.

I like to call the space between engagement and disengagement, a “Leadership Gap.” Only leaders who are focused on creating teamwork, high levels of morale, and purpose can bridge the gap.

Embrace your role as a leader and share more about the greater purpose of your organizations, the important goals needed for success, and your mission and vision.

In the business world, the leaders that bridge the gap need to focus on the ‘Why’ behind their goals. If you want to motivate your team, reiterate the core of your mission. People are not driven by numbers, they’re driven by purpose. Just like in my book The Goal Formula, I explain how a connection to the big picture keeps you accountable to your goals:

I accomplish goals because I view them as a piece of the puzzle to my Big Picture. With that in mind, developing your bigger picture will help to accomplish your goals. Every goal you set is a necessary piece of an important puzzle. One that will help you to experience a greater life when the pieces are connected.

Erik Therwanger author of the Think Great book series.

Erik Therwanger is one of the world’s premier  minds on things like personal growth, organizational excellence professional development, and overall success. Understanding the trouble and challenges by businesses working hard for bigger successes, Erik focuses on the skills he gained in the United  States Marine Corps, the financial services sector, and the industries relating to entertainment, to impact companies and their teams for greater success.


March 17, 2017