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How to not get Cheated Online when Buying or Hiring for your Business?

How to not get cheated online when buying or hiring for your business

Alex Genadinik – Author and Business Coach


If you plan to do business online, you will need to buy everything from freelancing services to website hosting to coaching to various physical or digital products. There is even variation within these categories. For example, freelancers can range from web developers to marketers to writers to many other types of services.


If you are a nice and trusting person, you might think that the listed price is the price that you have to pay, but many people treat that price as just a start for a negotiation. The biggest hidden secret out there is the stated price is not the final price. Don’t let it fool you into seeing it as a solid boundary. Very often, it is an inflated price because the seller knows that the buyers will negotiate.

You have a few common negotiation options to get yourself a lower price. You can tell the service provider what price you can afford, and say that you can’t go any higher. What that will do is put the ball in their court. Instead of you seeing their set price as a boundary, they will begin seeing your low cutoff price as a new boundary. They will often realize that it is better to get a bad sale than no sale and go down in price.

If you don’t want to use that negotiation strategy, you can simply ask whether there are any discounts that are possible. Very often, the answer will be yes.


There are a few common ways to find good service providers. Probably the most common and obvious way is to read customer reviews. This is true almost across the board from hiring freelancers to even choosing web hosting companies. For example, when I promote web hosting companies on my page on how to set up your website using WordPress hosting, how do you know which of the hosting providers is better? One thing you can do is reference reviews of real customers of that hosting. Here is an example of a Bluehost evaluation page where you can see what real customers had to say about different hosting.

While reviews can be faked, there are often many systems in place to prevent fake reviews, and they are sometimes easy to notice if you use common sense while browsing reviews. For example, if you see a large burst of reviews in a short period of time and then few reviews at other times, that can be an indicator of faked reviews. Also if many of the reviews are short and read the same, it is also a strong indicator of fake reviews.


Another thing you can always do is to ask for a trial period before going all in on a purchase. Whether you work with a freelancer or some software service, always can ask them for a free or inexpensive free trial. One pro tip is to also ask the individuals or the support staff at those companies to give you an extended trial period. I always ask people I work with to have a free trial or suggest another temporary and easy way to get started. Once you start working with people or companies, you can immediately tell whether the partnership is beneficial to you or not.

Another thing you can do is use credit cards for your purchases. When you use credit cards, if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can request that the credit card cancels the payment.

And if you don’t trust people to pay you, you can use an escrow service or a transaction arbiter.


After many spammers (not to be confused with scammers just yet) posted links to their spammy websites which promise to make money online in the comments of my YouTube videos and blog posts, I decided to go over those sites and personally examine whether those sites are scammy or just dumb and spammy. Here is a video that goes over these sites and dissects them:


A little bit of research can go a long way in helping you find the best price for the same product from the same company. For example, one of my clients sells a grout cleaning product from his own website and from Amazon. This client is honest and he posts the same prices everywhere. But what if Amazon decides to run a discount? With just a little more research, you can find that discount elsewhere online.

Even in cases where the service provider is honest, they are sometimes forced to have different listed prices by the sites where they sell their products or services. For example, I have a Fiverr gig where I offer a basic business coaching service for $5. But that is obviously not a sustainable rate. So on my website, when I promote my own business coaching, I charge a more reasonable rate. But clients who find me on Fiverr can get an already discounted deal. Sometimes it is just people’s luck of where they initially find me.







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November 25, 2017