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Facebook Marketing is Dead

Facebook Marketing is DEAD Or is It ?

Article by Beau Buckley – Revolucion One Web Development

Want to know how Facebook is best used for Marketing ? If you’re a marketer i bet you’re doing it all wrong.

The Best way to use Facebook is the way it was intended to be used. To connect with others, share your life events, post photos of your life’s journey’s whether that’s career, family or adventure.

A lot of so called GURUS say “it’s about providing value on your wall consistently , it’s got to be value value value value day in day out. I say rubbish to that. Giving some wisdom and information to help people is fine and people will welcome it, but if you have value to provide posting it all on Facebook day in day out won’t do you justice especially if you’re looking to become an authority figure. I personally only provide value through my post every so often and rest of my post are about the shit i’m trying to achieve or the things i’m doing to better myself. I utilize 90% of my value in other streams to attract an audience.

If you’re providing unbelievable value, what you should be doing is turning that value it into products and driving traffic to it on a free front end.. You should also be putting that value into a blog post with some SEO strategies to get your content into all the search engine so people can come across it, and come across you…. People can’t track you down on Facebook unless they are specifically looking for you, which doesn’t happen very often, and each of our circles are small. There are millions out there typing in queries looking for content. You need to make yourself available..

Facebook is a social network site to share what’s going on in your life and for you to speak your mind. And this is how Facebook Favors you..

Facebook also loves sharing content, so what you should be doing is placing your content on the right platforms, YouTube, your blog etc and then Writing your Facebok post in reference to the content that you share and direct people to you i.e via a link directly below your opening context.

If you want to utilize Facebook properly for marketing then you should be focusing on Facebook PPC and sending traffic (i.e Targeted  people) to your offering – products, services, e-books, video etc. and usually it starts with a free front end to build trust with that person.. If you’re spending every single day offloading all your value into a Facebook post, then you are hurting yourself when you could be doing so much more with it, and establishing yourself as a true authority figure in your niche.

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March 19, 2017