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How Do I Build a Profitable List

How do i build a profitable list with free offers the right way

Article by Beau Buckley


In this post I would like to discuss the correct way about how to build a profitable list  and grow your email following with free offers when starting out in online marketing, a lot of the people make the mistake of marketing their free offers with no perceived value . When they’re marketing their free offer it’s usually to:

1. Generate new leads

2. Build new relationships

3. Generate future sales

4. Pretty much all of the above.

These free offers usually consists of offering a free PDF, or eBook ( which they have constructed themselves) or holding a FREE webinar. These offers are utilized by a lot of email marketers and affiliate marketers as the front-end of their funnel and use this particular method when driving traffic to a targeted audience in hopes of them opt-ing in (putting in their email) and to eventually up-sell them a paid product.

So Beau How do i build a profitable list the right way ?


Many marketers are trying to draw in a crowd of people by giving a product of their’s away for FREE, and when i talk about products i’m talking about low end products they have created themselves usually a PDF or E-book of some sorts. Now this is great and all but how many marketers out there are trying to woo people into opting in to get that FREE 10 page e-book going over some marketing basics ? The answers is 10’s of thousands. The problem being is your FREE eBook has become worthless and stating that your 10 page e-book is going to improve someones business generating them more leads and sales, you’re doing a disservice to your product and to the people that you’re offering it to and i’m going to explain why..

When you’re looking to give something away for FREE to entice people into taking action in this case opt-in , the audience is wondering what the actual value of that product is ? If there is no mention of the value of that product, to them it’s more like a worthless piece of junk.

For example if your squeeze page says: “To get your Free PDF on the 20 key points on building a successful online business” their is no actual perceived value of that free PDF and you’re now just like every other marketer trying to suck in people to build a list with a no value product. The audience will start to question the authenticity of not only the product but also the marketer behind that product. People are becoming a lot smarter now when looking to give our personal details to receive an item. If you’re looking to just state FREE then you need to be of an authority figure in the industry because the perceived value is in the success they have had and giving our total freebies is seen as them giving back in the minds of their followers.

As an up and coming marketer your front end FREE offers must show a perceived value for you to be seen as a credible marketer. The way in which you would do this is just by rewording your opening statement and you adding a real perceived value of your own product which you’re giving away… For example

“Put in your details below to receive your $100 PDF GIVEAWAY on the 20 key points of building a successful online business


“You have 24 hours to get your $100 PDF on the 20 key points of building a profitable online business for FREE”

Can you see now that your FREE offer has more power behind it as you have given it a perceived value. The people you’re targeting will feel more inclined to put in there email to get that PDF because they will feel that the information you’re providing has some REAL significance to impact their business. Giving something away that has value will also build a trusting relationship with you and your target audience so over the long run this will help to improve your conversion.

If you make these simple changes with your FREE frontend, your opt-in rate conversion will increase dramatically but with that being said it’s also important to make sure your product does have some real value that will give those AH HA moments.

March 19, 2017