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Shattering the Myth of Instant Success

Shattering the Myth of Instant Success!


In today’s world of Reality TV, You Tube, and On-Demand everything, it is easy to fall in the trap of thinking that success can be easy and spontaneous. Allow me to pop that thought bubble! The danger with such thinking is that we think instant success is such a real possibility that we never do anything to earn it! Or in a fortunate case that we receive a great opportunity, we are rarely prepared for it.


Recently I read Today Matters by John Maxwell. The basic premise is to shatter the myth of instant success. Success comes in small steps we make every day, not in leaps and bounds. Far too many people think success is possible if we just:

  • Wait long enough.
  • Wish hard enough.
  • Search thoroughly enough.


The problem is that kind of thinking makes achieving success as some kind of external event versus internal effort. The point is success is built daily which is why TODAY MATTERS! Success is not a future event that will come to us. We must run to success every day. Just think about the shows American Idol or The Voice. You might think those young contestants just started last week. The truth is that that make the final rounds have been performing and perfecting their art for years prior. They are living examples of the old joke “It took me over 20 years to become an overnight success!”


So what choices are you making today that will create your success tomorrow?

  • Are you growing?
  • Are you leading out loud?
  • Are you learning?
  • Are you reflecting?
  • Are you collecting skills and experiences?
  • Are you helping others be successful?


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April 14, 2017