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Marketing Through Instagram and Snapchat STORY Features

Marketing Through Instagram and Snapchat STORY Features

Snapchat Stories much like the feature on Instagram allows you produce photograph sequences that will expire after one day. Stories is the most useful feature of Instagram because you can post numerous photographs that will play like slideshows. These photos will disappear at the end of the day. This feature is quite similar to the story feature of Snapchat. Here are some instructions to create one story on Instagram:

  • You will find a plus button on the top corner of home screen, tap this button. You can also swipe left in the Feed or quickly launch stories by swiping toward right from your main screen.
  • To take photographs, you will hit the circle button located at the base of screen. If you want to record videos, hold this button until you are done. To record live events, you can use boomerang or put this app in the hands-free mode.
  • You can edit your videos or photos by adding a text or drawing. To edit your videos, you have to tap the pen icon. You will find three pens and each pen has its own function. The third pen is used to make sketches similar to neon sign.
  • Now hit done to save all changes to your story.
  • Now hit “Add Story button” to share your saved story. You can save this video or image to your smartphone as well. If you want to shoot your photograph or story to any of your friends, you have to hit “Arrow Icon”. Now check the bubble by “Story” and the name of your friend to whom you want to share this story. If your friend watches this photograph or story, it will disappear from your side.

You can add more than one video or photo because more than one photo, or story will play like slideshows. The video and pictures you select for the story will now become a series that people can view within 24 hours. To notify your followers about your new story, a colorful ring will appear around profile photo. Your profile photograph will pop up at the feeds of followers. They can tap on your photograph to see your photographs and story.

Now there is no need to regret about your postings because your stories are easy to remove by tapping on three dots at the base of the photograph or video that you want to delete.

Spice Up Images and Stories

Snapchat users can add flare and fun to their photographs. You can also make your Instagram stories interesting with the help of customization features. Starters can use filters that are different from puppy face or rainbow barf of Snapchat. You can shoot video or photograph, hit “Add filters” and pick your favorite filter. Along with filters, you can add stickers and text with the help of stick button, drawing and text tools. Spice up a story with modifiable stickers for location, current time and weather. You can get holiday stickers to use them on special events. To add funky and snappy text, you can hit the “Text Icon” and choose your favorite color before typing.

Show Your Creative Side by Drawing on Canvas

If you want to do something new, start drawing on the canvas. Take a random photo and explore the drawing tools to choose your color. Put your finger on the picture and hold this picture for some time. The photo will be covered with color and a blank canvas is ready for you to make some drawing.  On your canvas, you can make stripes, dots, and flowers. You can select a pointed marker from the top of your screen and select your required color. Tap a button with three-dots on the bottom of screen. Fasten the line on the top of your screen and make your computer marker huge. If you want to make polka dots, just hit your finger on the particular place on the screen and make bigger dots.

Deal with Annoying People

If you are irritated with the lineup stories, you can easily mute them. Just hit the icon of this person and hold the person’s profile picture for some time. You will notice a window to mute the stories of a particular person. Muting will not hide the story, but it may automatically move to the last line. It will not play any story automatically, and you have to manually unmute the stories and get it back to the normal. Just hold the story icon of that person and hit unmute option. If you don’t want the removal of your post, you can save your favorite posts in your smartphone or TV.

Increase Views of Your Instagram Stories

If you want to increase the interest of your followers in your Instagram feed, you will need something unique to win the trust of your customers. Nowadays, it is common to steal the videos and photographs from other’s feed. You can prove the authenticity of your content with the help of behind the scene videos. After posting a story, you can share behind the scene videos and special images. This technique is useful in all industries. For instance, you can share the manufacturing procedure of your products or create a kitchen story about a new food item. You can avail numerous opportunities to increase the authenticity of video, such as a tour of your manufacturing plant can be quite interesting for customers.

Play with the Algorithm of Instagram

With the use of algorithm feature, you can filter your feed and highlight you’re the most interesting posts. It is difficult to say anything about the algorithm of Instagram for the arrangement of stories and images in the news feed. Instagram story is an excellent way to increase the followers and engagement of your platform.

Direct Communication

Social media allows you to have direct communication with celebrities and customers. With the help of Insta stories, the brands get a chance to engage their followers with direction 1:1 communication. For instance, Stories can help you to answer the questions of your followers. You can send video messages to answer a question of your followers.

Increase Excitement of Customers

With the help of liv videos and stories, you can increase the excitement of your customers. These videos are engaging and help you to interact with your target market. You can make short videos to inform people about different events and deliver special offers via stories.

Instagram Stories Vs. Snapchat

If you are using Snapchat, you are using a one-way track known as story. Total life of videos and images is 24 hours. After 24 hours, you users will not be able to view this content until you reshare all these things. With this episodic nature, the snapchat can work in a better way to promote your content and increase audience retention.

As compared to Snapchat, the Instagram offers two-way track, such as stories and feed. The total shelf life of your stories is 24 hours, but the feed is perpetual. With the help of feed posts and 24-hour duration for the story segment. It will become easy for you to provide engaging content to your followers on a consistent basis.

Each person and company has differing goals and differing target audiences, you may have to flip a coin, do a core user study,  or perform a study to really decide which of these platforms is the right choice for you and your audience.  Instagram vs Snapchat        – The choice is in your hands!


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April 23, 2017