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Hiring the Wrong People

Why Do Wrong People Get Hired? Best Selling Author Lou Adler Explains:

18 May, 2017

  Why Do Wrong People Ge Hired? Based on thousands of candidate interviews and leading training programs with more than ten thousand recruiters and hiring managers, there is no doubt the wrong person, not the best person, is often the one hired. Here’s why:   Define the Job Managers define …

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Marketing with Facebook Live

5 Strategies to Incorporate LIVE into your Marketing Strategy

04 May, 2017

5 Strategies to Incorporate LIVE into your Marketing Strategy Facebook Live – Twitter Live – Instagram Live – and more…. What will you choose? Strategy 01: Marketing Strategies with Twitter Live Millions of Twitter users are skilled enough to use this platform properly. It means that the companies should be on the …

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Ricochet by Nick Tasler

An Interview with the Author of Ricochet – Nick Tasler

03 May, 2017

Interview with Nick Tasler Entrepreneur, Organizational Psychologist and Best Selling Author Nick Tasler was gracious enough to answer a series of questionsabout his new book, Ricochet: What To Do When Change Happens.   I recently had a chance to get the inside scoop with best-selling author Nick Tasler and get …

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Diversity and Inclusion do Matter

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters

24 Apr, 2017

      Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters A diverse workforce should be taken as a central competency of a business because diversity in most cases is directly proportional to increased creativity and innovation. And, it is virtually true that an organization’s success depends on upon its ability to embrace diversity and …

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Instagam and snapchat stories

Marketing Through Instagram and Snapchat STORY Features

23 Apr, 2017

Marketing Through Instagram and Snapchat STORY Features Snapchat Stories much like the feature on Instagram allows you produce photograph sequences that will expire after one day. Stories is the most useful feature of Instagram because you can post numerous photographs that will play like slideshows. These photos will disappear at the …

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Excellence in your field

A Good Weekend, a Circle of Wood and Leadership Excellence

23 Apr, 2017

A Good Weekend, a Circle of Wood and Leadership Excellence –   A Very Good Weekend – During a recent July 4th weekend, my wife and I took an impromptu trip to Nashville, TN (well, at least what passes for impromptu for us – 4 weeks of planning, researching places …

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Shattering business myths bill

Shattering the Myth of Instant Success

14 Apr, 2017

Shattering the Myth of Instant Success!   In today’s world of Reality TV, You Tube, and On-Demand everything, it is easy to fall in the trap of thinking that success can be easy and spontaneous. Allow me to pop that thought bubble! The danger with such thinking is that we …

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Embrace your Platform

Embrace Your Platform

07 Apr, 2017

Embrace Your Platform Every person has a platform. Period. Whether you are a CEO, a stay at home mom, a coach or a congressman, you have a platform.   “A platform is simply a specific arena of influence.”       Your platform is the place where you have influence. It’s …

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Birds Eye on Leadership

Using the Power of Reflection

07 Apr, 2017

The Lessons are All Around You! Using the Power of Reflection Use Reflection to Learn from Them. The concept of learning from the world around you may be as foreign to you as it was to me on my first day of Freshman Honors English. The first week of college …

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Compete with your differences

Work (and compete) to Your Differences

05 Apr, 2017

Work (and compete) to your Differences!   Dr. Nido Qubein is a modern day “renaissance man”. Immigrating from the Middle East at a young age, he came to the USA penniless but not without considerable resources, namely his own drive to succeed! He eventually became a successful entrepreneur, author, award-winning …

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