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Virtual Reality

The Role of Virtual Reality and the Educational Experience

19 Mar, 2017

How Will VR Change the Educational Experience? Hello this is Jess from the Marketing and Networking University an online business education portal and marketing tools hub. Online business courses meets digital marketing tools and resources. One of the upcoming changes in the online education will be more and more Virtual Reality options …

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Annie Speaking Rotterdam

Author and Speaker Annie Meehan Shares Her Thoughts on Adaptability, Commitment and Reaching

19 Mar, 2017

Annie’s Thoughts on Adaptability, Commitment and Reaching   Adaptability   Life happens even when we have everything planned and prepared. Last month I was excited to speak at a speaker showcase. Of course it happened to be on the snowiest night of the year. I wanted to be well prepared, …

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Hiring the ateam

Get the Return On Investment When Hiring Your A-Team

19 Mar, 2017

The ROI and Financial Impact of Hiring Your A-Team Posted with permission by LouAdlerArticles I must be a Neanderthal when it comes to hiring. I still don’t understand why so many companies focus more on the cost of hiring rather than the impact the people hired can make. For example, consider this …

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Erik Therewanger speaking

Bridge the Leadership Gap to Complete Your Goals

17 Mar, 2017

Only Leadership Can Help You Put the Pieces in Place to Reach Your Goals Statistics show that 95% of people want to be part of something special, something GREAT. Yet Gallup’s recent poll shows that 72% of the workforce is disengaged, literally “sleepwalking” through work. I like to call the space …

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google seo

How to Generate Your Seo Success

21 Apr, 2016

There are countless SEO Companies out there that you need to feel better in make certain you decide to go with. When you’ve got to bare all the risk, you could end up wasting a lot of time and cash with incorrect business in addition to see much ranking improvement, …

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