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The Role of Virtual Reality and the Educational Experience

How Will VR Change the Educational Experience?

Hello this is Jess from the Marketing and Networking University an online business education portal and marketing tools hub. Online business courses meets digital marketing tools and resources. One of the upcoming changes in the online education will be more and more Virtual Reality options to get a more real class feel. Obviously some topics will be better served by Virtual Reality than others. So what will The Role of Virtual Reality and the Educational Experience?

A large advantage will be found in the medical field as you experience what it would be to go into the operating room as you amerce yourself in the sights and sounds during actual surgeries. Perhaps 360 degree views inside a mouth as the dentist performs a root canal. This and similar training will certainly improve the education in these areas of expertise.

Training baristas, lawn care professionals, stock market professionals and many many more professions will be able to replicate much of the experience of being in the trenches this will make a huge difference going into the future.

Straight up classroom education can be enhanced as well, for instance you have a remote learner they can still get the feel of the class room. I picture children building small machines with gears or circuits in full immersion. Seeing, hearing and learning all simultaneously in harmony. I can see in the future we are likely to even have “Live Virtual Reality Class” where your avatar or image of yourself is actually broadcast and linked with other VR users so you can have face to face meetings and classes from across the globe all at the same time.

It is clear that augmented ,VR or similar reality tools will become more and more prevalent over the next decade. It will be interesting to see how everything unfolds. I know at the Marketing and Networking University (We like to say MNU for short) we are testing virtual reality and 360 degree video already and hope to have full integration shortly. We will try to keep you posted.

Many changes are expected over the near term and with more and more realistic experiences being recorded, or created the more things will change. Education obviously will not be the only area of change. e-Commerce, shopping experiences in and out of storefronts will make changes, the mobile experience is likely to experience changes as phone makers and VR companies meld technologies you will see many enhancements. We will literally go where no man has gone before while not even leaving the planet.

At the Marketing and Networking University we are excited to embrace theses technological enhancements as they come. As the opportunity comes we will be looking to implement many of these ideas into our learning experiences and hope to bring you the scifi learning experiences you always wanted, or will want when you know the exist. Happy learning!




March 19, 2017