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    How to find your “voice” that resonates with your customers

    This is what I would consider an advanced course for entrepreneurs because new entrepreneurs almost never do the strategies explained in this course. But once you start executing the strategies in this course, you will see your business grow.Experienced entrepreneurs understand that it isn’t enough to just create a product. Your product must delight your customers. And a part of delighting your customers is communicating with them that inspires positive reactions and emotions in your customers.Once you inspire positive reactions and emotions in your customers, they will subconsciously feel that your product is better than it actually is. Your customers will also associate your business with their positive emotions.

    Course Curriculum

    Course introduction and a WARM WELCOME TO THE COURSE
    WARM WELCOME TO YOU & Course introduction
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    Your consumer voice
    Do genuinely careFREE
    0 Hours 2 minutes00:02
    Extra YouTube tricksFREE
    0 Hours 4 minutes00:04
    On radio or podcastsFREE
    0 Hours 10 minutes00:10
    Podcast example to learn fromFREE
    0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
    In your writing: books or blogsFREE
    0 Hours 7 minutes00:07
    In your product creationFREE
    0 Hours 7 minutes00:07
    Extra tips I will add over time

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