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    Sell products using “Facebook marketplace” & Facebook groups

    This course does two things:1) Introduces you to Facebook Marketplace, which is something Facebook launched on October 3rd. Facebook Marketplace is a new way to tap into the 450,000 people who use buy/sell groups on Facebook, to whom you can now sell products in a new way using local groups.2) Teaches you how to sell to global groupsWhat kinds of products will this help you sell?Facebook Marketplace is great for selling physical goods that you may already be selling on eBay, Craigslist, Etsy or Amazon. And Facebook’s global groups are great for selling digital goods like ebooks, online courses, coaching programs and promoting YouTube videos.

    Course Curriculum

    Course introduction and a WARM WELCOME TO THE COURSE
    What is Facebook marketplaceFREE
    0 Hours 1 minutes00:01
    Starting to use local groups
    How to start using local groupsFREE
    0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
    Joining a groupFREE
    0 Hours 1 minutes00:01
    How to post your productsFREE
    0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
    How to edit your listingFREE
    0 Hours 1 minutes00:01
    Sales results from my postingFREE
    0 Hours 2 minutes00:02
    Taking more advantage of Facebook Marketplace
    How to create your own groupFREE
    0 Hours 2 minutes00:02
    Example of a smart sellerFREE
    0 Hours 2 minutes00:02
    How to use global groups
    How to find good groupsFREE
    0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
    How to behave in groupsFREE
    0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
    Additional points
    Marketplace Sales VideoFREE
    0 Hours 1 minutes00:01

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