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Skyrocket Your Sales

In this short course you, you will understand the basic of selling and learn some great techniques to build rapport, ask questions and to close the sale.

Course Curriculum

Sales Introduction
Building Rapport
The R.M.V.P FormulaFREE
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
5 step Response FormulaFREE
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
Closing Techniques
4 Question CloseFREE
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
The Socratic CloseFREE
0 Hours 5 minutes00:05

Course Reviews

  1. That was awesome!! Definitely will be putting these techniques to work Thanks Austin!

  2. Profile photo of Brian Harner Brian Harner says:

    More Sales Here
    Awesome training on sales techniques. In my life as a financial advisor the Socratic Method is imperative. I’ve used it hundreds of times but never knew it was called that. :)

    Great advice and will work wonderfully for recruiting.

  3. Great Training !
    Sales is so important and learning how to sell and bettering that skill in yourself is absolutely key to success great training Austin loved it :)

  4. Profile photo of Simon Davies Simon Davies says:

    Great Mindset Training For New & Experienced Marketers
    Was a great course, I learned lots of powerful strategies, and brought old teachings back that I had forgotten about, so that I can now go use them in my every day marketing practices. Ill be certainly reviewing this course again in the near future as a refresher.

  5. Profile photo of Lisa Dottoli Lisa Dottoli says:

    great tips!
    Love these sales tips! Such great strategies! Thanks!

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