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YouTube SEO Strategies

Learn how to rank your videos at the top of YouTube and get maximum exposure for your business.

Course Curriculum

Instructor’s IntroductionFREE
0 Hours 2 minutes00:02
Preparation Steps
Keyword ResearchFREE
0 Hours 15 minutes00:15
Video File OptimizationFREE
0 Hours 5 minutes00:05
On Page Optimization
Off Page Optimization
Backlinks and Social SharesFREE
0 Hours 15 minutes00:15

Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of Mike Melvin Mike Melvin says:

    It really works
    Thank you Mischa. I have put into practice these techniques already and got 2 videos ranked immediately on page 2 for some popular keywords and 1 at position 1 for a low ranking word. and this is before I do any of the paid recommendations.

  2. Youtube SEO is so important
    Great course Mischa good job it has really reminded me of how important youtube seo is to maximise results :)

  3. Profile photo of benjamin gardner says:

    Very in depth course brotha I learned some new things myself. Now time to dominate Youtube even more :)

  4. Profile photo of Sharon Meijer Sharon Meijer says:

    Really Great Course!
    This was awesome, I was already familiar with some things you explain, but I never thought to use it in this way, thanks Mischa! 😀

  5. Outstanding Course, Covering The Essential Skills!
    Amazing videos with extremely helpful content that is essential for everyone in this industry to review regardless of your experience and expertise! These skills are taught in a way that is easy to understand and provides the basis to rank all your YouTube videos No. 1 on Google.

  6. Profile photo of Lisa Dottoli Lisa Dottoli says:

    Excellent and Easy to understand!
    Great course! I love all the resources that Mischa gives us and can’t wait to apply all of them to my videos!
    Thanks Mischa!

  7. Profile photo of bim rockz bim rockz says:

    YouTube Ranking Secrets ♥
    Thanks you MISCHA LOMINY for such a wounderful course.
    You made everything so simple and anyone can do it very quickly even a newbie.

    Thank you MNU.

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